Grand Opening of Carbon Fiber Electric Automobile Plant

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2014 Shanghai New Energy Auto Show (NEAS)

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2050 MOTORS Home of the e-GO Carbon Fiber Electric Vehicle

Welcome to 2050 Motors, Inc.(US OTCQB: ETFM), a public company providing new cutting edge low cost carbon fiber vehicles engineered and designed by Aoxin Automobile. 2050 Motors has the exclusive rights to distribute and assemble the first carbon fiber 5-passenger production electric vehicle at consumer affordable prices, the e-Go EV. Because of its composite carbon fiber construction built on an aluminum racing car suspension and frame, the e-Go EV is thousands of pounds lighter than competing electric vehicles. At a weight of 1,450 lbs. (including batteries) it will be the most efficient production electric vehicle ever built. Its battery pack carries the same warranty as the Tesla Model-S, which is 8-years with unlimited mileage. The e-Go EV will be offered with four different size battery packs with ranges up to and exceeding 200 miles per charge and two different drive systems. The high performance drive system accelerates from 0 to 60 mph under 7 seconds.

  The Only Carbon Fiber Production Vehicle Ever Built at Affordable Prices

  Less Expensive to Operate Than Any Other All Electric Car in its Class

  Sold with four different battery pack sizes, offering the customer a variety of driving ranges up to and exceeding 200 miles per charge

  Sold with two different power drive systems for customers who require higher performance acceleration, the e-Go will be capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds

  Certain models will be sold with battery pack warranties equal to those offered by Tesla Motors which are 8-year unlimited mile warranties

  Seating for Five Passengers

  Gas Free, No More Oil Changes, Tune Ups or Smog Checks

  The Carbon Fiber Body is Five Times Stronger than Steel and One Third its Weight

  1450 lbs. Curb Weight is Less Than Half of Other Comparable Electric Vehicles

  Race Car Suspension Handling and Regenerative Brakes

  Electric Air Conditioning (A/C) and Heating

  Advanced Navigation and New Generation Info-Entertainment System

  Up to 150 Miles per Gallon Energy Equivalent

  Over Three Times the Battery Life of Any Other Electric Vehicle in its Class