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Business Accelerator

2050 orp. aka 2050 Motors, Inc. (ETFM/OTC) is a business incubator and business accelerator focused on minority, majority and JV investments in Communications, Energy and Internet markets.


Growth Strategy

By providing access to public capital markets, management and Board expertise, corporate development, and strategic introductions, 2050 assists portfolio companies in building their businesses and getting to critical mass.



2050's vision is to promote ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles across its portfolio of investments as they prepare to become their own stand-alone public companies or to be monetized through strategic mergers and acquisitions.  Go public transactions through spin-outs or token offerings will provide liquidity to candidates while preserving upside for the 2050 holding company.


SEC Filings, Stock Information, Press Releases: https://www.m2compliance.com/hosting/company/ETFM/filings.html

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2050 Motors, Inc.

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