Carbon Neutral Earth by 2050

2050 Corp.’s committed belief is that “doing the most good for the greatest number of people at the expense of the fewest number of people with a regard for our shared environment is smart business.”

2050 seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through investment, development and support of socially-responsible businesses, contributing to a carbon-neutral economy by the year 2050, and the democratization of basic human services, including access to information and connectivity.

2050 believes socially-responsible business principles are fundamental to sustainable and long-term wealth creation. 2050’s specific investment and development guidelines encompass the following:

  • Carbon neutrality,
  • Committed to responsible, green and sustainable management strategies,
  • Incentivize investment and development of service / experience-based retail models,
  • Democratize the availability of basic human services,
  • Diversification among portfolio companies that leverage 2050’s support platform.