KANAB CORP. is a 50%-owned 2050 subsidiary developing and launching the world’s premiere social network targeting the global cannabis market for recreation, wellness & community. The platform @ www.kanab.club will include industry standard functionality including messaging, pictures, follow-me/find-me, search, e-commerce, dating, mobility and more. With over 250 million reported individuals and businesses worldwide using or directly and indirectly involved in the cannabis trade, KANAB CORP. is well positioned to build a thriving social community. Cannabis legalization in major markets such as the United States and Canada promises to boost THC and CBD products into the mainstream and position KANAB CORP. as a cornerstone of the cannabis movement.


2050Tel (aka cLEC Networks, Inc.) is a telecommunications company headquartered in NYC created to bridge the digital divide as a facilities-based telecommunications carrier.  The Company has a proven network and business model that will lower the cost of “Carrier Origination” below the industry’s current pricing.  2050Tel aims to lower the barrier to entry for VoIP and other telecommunication providers that want to compete with incumbent providers.

2050Tel expects to introduce DIDs (local phone numbers and ports- origination) and services to carriers and consumers in 2019.  DIDs and ports are a requisite component of standard telephone service and represent approximately 50% of its underlying cost. Industry consolidation has reduced the number of carriers providing origination creating a price umbrella due to limited competition.

By year-end 2020, 2050Tel plans to establish a service footprint covering substantially all of Verizon’s calling area, with points of presence in NY, NJ, PA, VA, MD, MA, DC, DE and RI.  

This calling area comprises approximately 30% of the U.S. population that will present a competitive alternative to established Origination Service Providers. The efficiency of our network should also offer the Company a meaningful cost of service advantage in the value-added services we plan to offer direct to consumers.

2050Tel will be a 50%-owned subsidiary of the Company upon the achievement of funding milestones. Any funding done at the subsidiary level or by 2050 Corp.’s partner, EDGE FiberNet, may reduce 2050 Corp.’s ownership % in the business.

ERide Club Corp.

Through a letter of intent (LOI) with ERide Club Corp., owner and operator of www.erideclub.com, 2050 Corp. is seeking to enter the retail mobility rental and sales market, which is poised for rapid growth with the introduction of e-bikes and mobility vehicles for travel and related services. Traditionally bike stores are merchandisers that have been losing share and margin to on-line retailers, big box department stores and manufacturers selling direct to consumer. ECC will support the development of service-based revenues by introducing an application platform that facilitates the addition of bike and vehicle rentals and booking rental and excursion opportunities.

ECC is introducing an application and a web portal that faces the bike store owner or retail outlet such a tour operator or hotel / resort in order to provide cyclists, tourists and enthusiasts the ability to rent machines. The website and application is free to use and accessible from both iTunes and the Google stores. Users will be able create a profile, search for the vehicle of their choice, locate it, book it, and pay for it all online.

Riders will pay ECC directly who will in turn pay the bike store while keeping a service fee. Retail outlets will be able to enter rent-able inventory and other products for sale or rent to enhance the rider experience. Along with the user application there is a portal that faces the store owner and a back-end portal that faces ECC.

ECC is being created to help customers find vehicles to use for transportation in a society where increasingly end users do not own their own transportation, and to save the local bike store which is under siege by rental units of UBER, LYFT, online sales of Amazon and direct to consumer sales by manufacturers. The business will transform bike stores from being mainly merchandisers into a community network that leverages their locations. ECC is the catalyst enabling these brick-and-mortar stores to escape the “Amazon Effect” and the competition from big-box retailers.